condoHave you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a condominium?  What your life would be like twenty stories above-ground?  While condo living isn’t the best choice for everyone, here are 7 reasons why it might be the right fit for you.

1.    You want to live somewhere central with a high walkability score.
Whether you’re craving a car-free life, an easy subway commute or an (often) cheaper alternative living space in a trendy neighbourhood, many condominiums are situated close to transit lines, shopping and entertainment keeping many options a short walk, bus or bike ride away.

2.    You don’t have the time, or inclination for home repairs or outdoor maintenance.
Does the thought of shoveling snow each winter literally give you the chills?  What about cleaning off your car and your driveway? What if you don’t want to mow a lawn or deal with changing filters in a furnace?  Condo fees cover a lot of the maintenance on regular, set schedules so you don’t need to worry about keeping track yourself.

3.    You’re just starting out/ are looking to downsize.
Smaller space means less furniture required.  This will save a lot of money and stress, whether it’s your first place or you’re looking to simplify your life as you look forward to retirement. For those who need a little storage space, most buildings have storage lockers available for overflow or seasonal sports equipment or decorations.

4.    You love to work out.
Many condos have gym facilities and pools.  Access to athletic equipment in your building you can save money on gym membership fees and time as your workout is only steps away. For those who want to bring their workout to the next level, this time could be invested towards finally running that marathon, or using the money saved to hire a personal trainer who could come directly to you.

5.    You are the host with the most.
Buildings can offer a variety of amenities including: party rooms, movie theatres, large dining rooms, pool tables or BBQ/Patio space that you can rent or book for your entertaining needs.

6.    You want a social “neighbourhood” feel where you live, like you had in the town you grew up, or at your university dorm.
A lot of buildings host events for people in the complex to get together, socialize and get to know each other – whether it’s mixer events, afternoon teas or card tournaments there may be plenty of opportunities to meet and greet with that hot single on floor 14.

7.    You like the idea of access to a concierge.
There are many benefits to having a gatekeeper at the lobby of your building. Maybe you want someone who can sign for packages or deliveries for you while you’re away, or that extra feeling of security as a single in the city who is coming home late at night.