holidaysIt’s that time of year again, housewarmings, parties, gift giving, and open houses. Maybe you’re the one with the new place, or on a strict budget because you’re saving up for a home. Whether you’re building a holiday gift list for yourself or looking for some affordable options this is the list for you! The best part, it won’t break your budget. Each gift listed is less than thirty bucks and shows that you rock at adulting and gift giving.

1. Basic Toolkit
A staple item that no homeowner should be without.

2. A Personalized Ornament
Commemorate their first holiday season in their new home.

3. Laundry basket
If you’re feeling extra generous add in some detergent and nice scented dryer sheets.

4. Custom Coasters of their new neighbourhood (or where they grew up)

5. Bamboo Cutting Boards
For the host with the most…whether it’s for meal prep or building their own personal charcuterie trays.

6. Gift Cards to Practical Stores
We’re talking Home Depot, IKEA, grocery stores, Canadian Tire, Walmart or Sears

7. Lifeline First Aid Kit
Cause accidents happen…and cub scouts know to always be prepared.

8. A Hot Water Bottle with Fleece Cover
They may not use it often, but comfort when you’re not feeling well really says you’re home.

9. An Address Stamp
For all of their personal correspondence needs (like sending you a thank you note for your awesome gift)

10. List-making Stationary
Either for planning projects or “Honey Do” lists or grocery shopping lists this practical gift will get used.

11. A Lucky Horseshoe
According to superstition, if you hang a horseshoe over a doorway, ends up will catch good luck and ends down will let the good luck spill over the door and stop bad luck from entering, you may want to explain this on your card.

12. A Basket Filled with Traditional Housewarming Gifts Each with unique meaning including: Bread (so your pantry will always be full), Wine (so you will always be in good cheer), Honey (to enjoy the sweetness of life), Candle (so your home will be lit in warmth and happiness)

13. A Wreath for their Door or a personalized holiday stocking

14. An electric bottle opener

Happy shopping!