The second Tuesday of each month will feature a Top 10 list of the best online resources for information on topics including: real-estate, moving, home repair, home decor, house-hunting, finance, budgeting and much, much more.  Each list will cover helpful topics that will make your home-life and financial planning better.

In the spirit of the New Year, this month’s topic is the Top 10 Blogs on Personal & Family Budgeting, a key component in making your financial freedom dreams a reality.

10 Awesome Blogs on Personal & Family Budgeting

  1. Our Freaking Budget (Twitter: @FreakingBudget)
    Meet Joanna and Johnny, they are not financial experts.  They are a real American couple who offer frank commentary and thoughts on their own experiences with budgeting, debt repayment, savings and personal finance.  One of the most refreshing things about this blog is the way they breakdown their own family budget quite publicly, month by month, to give readers an idea of how they’re making things balance.
  2. Golden Girl Finance (Twitter: @GoldenGirlFinan)
    Let’s hear it for the Canadian girls advocating for women and finance!  This blog boasts being a financial voice for women and offers articles from topical experts from everything from debt to divorce to relationships and retirement.  There is a big selection of articles on personal finance and a robust “Ask the Expert: section to help motivate you to reach your financial goals.
  3. Money Crashers (Twitter: @MoneyCrashers)
    Welcome to a saving community, where the focus is making financial fitness a way of life.  This site brings a wealth of information on saving money on food, travel, and health.  It offers tips on making your budget work, articles on understanding why budgets fail and how to hang out with friends while on a tight budget.  This blog is a must read for anyone who is struggling with making their budget work.
  4. Gajizmo (Twitter: @Gajizmo)
    Gajizmo is run by Gary, a university graduate with a specialty in finance, who has experience in investment banking and real estate.  The goal of Gajizmo is to educate young adults to make better financial decisions.  Practical, real life topics like what being house poor really means and how to help your children earn money for educational savings are featured on a regular basis.  Added bonus, all revenue from this site gets donated to charitable causes!
  5. Once Cent at a Time (Twitter: @onlyonecent)
    This blog focuses on helping readers get ahead financially. Constructive advice on learning from successes of financial savvy people, and analyzing some bitter truths about human nature and why we fail at saving and meeting our budgeting, saving and spending goals.
  6. Debt RoundUp (Twitter: @DebtRoundUp)
    This blog debuted in 2012 as author, Grayson Bell, found himself $75,000 deep in consumer debt and was looking to make some changes.  Today he’s debt free and offering up pragmatic thoughts on making money, saving money, and getting out of debt.
  7. Canadian Budget Binder (Twitter: @CanadianBudgetB)
    Canadian Budget Binder provides perspective on spending, saving, and budgeting.  This blog offers thoughts on budget categories, and difficult topics like talking about money and your own personal budget with family and friends. It explores areas like saving at the grocery store and saving money by purchasing second hand clothes.  Canadian Budget Binder offers a high level monthly overview on a real family budget, and some written commentary on unexpected and planned expenditures.
  8. Tackling Our Debt (Twitter: @TacklingOurDebt)
    The one dollar at a time approach seen in this blog includes practical components to any budget.  Suggestions on controllable expenses via meal planning can help boost any budget’s saving potential.  Tackling Our Debt has articles on things like saving on a wedding, buying a house, and recognizing personal impulse spending traits.
  9. Frugal Rules (Twitter: @FrugalRules)
    Freedom through frugality is how John, a veteran of financial services, learned to live within his financial means, with an honest account on stress caused by debt and financial worry.  His blog offers tips on minimalism, and advice and approaches on paying off debt wisely.
  10. Gail Vaz-Oxlade (Twitter: @GailVazOxlade)
    No list on practical budgeting and debt-free living is complete without some brutally honest advice from Til Debt To Us Part host Gail Vaz-Oxlade.  The self-proclaimed owner of the well-deserved title money maven has been helping people from a wide variety of financial backgrounds has authored 13 books.  Her approach of putting money on terms that they can understand has been inspiring people to spend and save better for years.