People gripe about having too much storage space about as often as they bemoan how fast their computer is.  Whether you’re looking to make 500 square feet feel more like 1,000, making room for a new addition to your family, or simply want to de-clutter, smart and practical storage solutions will make your home more efficient.  From simple to elaborate, budgets large and small, these ingenious storage solutions will streamline space of any size.

  1. Put it on the board
    A peg board affixed to a wall in a hallway, storage locker, or closet can be used to neatly store sports equipment, tools, kitchen or craft supplies, and lesser used necessities.
  2. Keep it on the back of the door
    Storage on the back of any door can go way beyond the traditional hook and housecoat in a bathroom or bedroom.  You can install elaborate shelving on the inside of closet doors, or simply secure some practical, eye pleasing sturdy storage bags to the back of the door of a room to contain all of that Lego!
  3. Look for pockets
    Functional items with pockets can save you a ton of space. Whether it’s wall pockets for frequently used items such as your keys or cell phone, your shoes, or an innovative shower curtain that has storage compartments for all of your toiletries.
  4. Multi-functional furniture
    You can purchase or even create your own multi-functional furniture.  Streamline your bedroom with a standing mirror that is also a cabinet ready to store your jewelry. Secure some shelving to the sides of a dresser so it can house your books and clothing.  Looking for a place to put a cat litter pan that isn’t going to be an eyesore?  Consider an occasional bench or side table with the litter stored inside, just remember to change it before company comes!
  5. Drawers, drawers and more drawers
    Most people know about storing out of season clothes or lesser used items in bins or drawers under their beds, but there are many ways to take this type of storage to the next level. Need kitchen space, consider incorporating it into your seating plan for seats with storage. Dreaming of a huge pantry or spice rack, but don’t have the space?  Consider creating a roll out pantry along the side of your fridge.
  6. Look up
    Shelves placed above doorways, or occasional chairs stored high on a wall can allow for functional storage that won’t get in the way of your every day.
  7. Stairway to storage
    This item is for the bigger renovation budgets, but there are many ways to use the space taken up by a staircase or convert the actual stair itself into handy storage.
  8. Get elevated
    Increase your space by creating storage underneath your furniture. By raising your floors in a high ceiling space you can create a natural division within a room and get some much needed stow away space!