As March approaches many of us are thinking about warm weather and spring. Why not get a little bit of spring cleaning in before the really nice weather hits, and you’d rather spend your time enjoying a nice walk, some gardening, or checking out all of the new real estate listings in your favourite neighbourhood.

Here are 15 cleaning hacks to help you spring forward!

  1. Clean Your BBQ grill
    Peel and cut a white onion in half.  Next attach it with a fork and rub it over the grates of your hot grill.  The onion will remove the brown residue left on your grill from all of the meals you cooked last season. (It will also add a nice flavour for the next time you cook).
  2. Use a squeegee to remove pet hair from your carpeting
  3. Remove Coffee stains from your favourite mugs
    With a little bit of baking soda on a damp cloth (to form a paste).  After you’re done scrubbing, simply rinse and dry.
  4. Spring clean your sneakers
    By using toothpaste and a wet face cloth you can make last season’s kicks look new again.  For a tutorial click here.
  5. Cloudy dishes
    Your dishwasher not getting your glassware quite as sparkling as you’re hoping for?  Use some vinegar and paper towels to get them shining again.
  6. Clean your dishwasher
    All you need is some vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, cloths, and toothbrushes or toothpicks to scrub out the hard to reach areas right after you’ve run a cycle. Find out how by clicking here
  7. Get your cutting boards into shape
    Clean them using coarse salt and lemons.
  8. Get your windows and mirrors clean
    By using old newspaper and a spray of vinegar and water.
  9. Make your own dryer balls
    These won’t leave behind a sticky sweet smell. Roll up two, two feet sheets of aluminum foil into balls (the size of tennis balls) and put them into the dryer to enjoy both static and scent free clothes.
  10. Microwave your damp sponge on high (for two minutes)
    This does two things, 1) kills the bacteria in your sponge 2) the steamy vapors will dampen your microwave for easy cleaning.  After the two minutes have passed,  put on an oven mitt and wipe the microwave with your hot, bacteria free sponge!
  11. Don’t wash your blender clean, blend it!
    Fill the blender about half full with warm water, add in a couple of drops of soap, and then blend it on a low setting for about 10 seconds.  Next wipe down the upper area with the same soapy water, rinse, and dry.
  12. Clean your mattress with vodka
    Vodka is an odorless disinfectant. Simply fill a spray bottle with vodka and spritz it onto your mattress and pillows whenever you change your sheets.  The vodka will evaporate quickly, and this regular maintenance will keep you from having to do a deep mattress clean every season!
  13. Use a pillowcase to clean your ceiling fans
    Hook an old pillowcase over the fan, one blade at a time, and slowly take it off backward allowing the dust to accumulate in the pillowcase.
  14. Re-use old dryer sheets
    These can be used to dust baseboards, television or computer screens.  Their anti-static properties will keep away some future dust.
  15. Don’t want to use a ton of chemicals to speed your slow draining sink?
    Drop in 4 Alka-Seltzer tablets into the drain, then pour in one cup of vinegar.  Wait 10 minutes then rinse with some boiling water.