On the second Tuesday of each month we feature a Top 10 list of some of the best online resources for information on topics including: real-estate, moving, home repair, home decor, house-hunting, finance, budgeting and much, much more.

Each list covers blogger topics that are helpful to new or veteran home owners, and those who are considering buying a property.  This month, in honour of Earth Day, we look at blogs that can help us live a greener, more environmentally friendly life.

  1. Trash is for Tossers (Twitter – @Trashis4Tossers)
    Just over a year and a half ago, former Environmental Studies Major Lauren Singer decided that she was going to live her values and began a journey towards living a sustainable, waste-free life in New York City.  In her blog she talks about cleaning products, purchasing second hand, inspiring books, waste-busting solutions and much much more.
  2. Zero Waste Home (Twitter – @zerowastehome)
    Bea Johnson, and her family, have been living waste free since 2008.  As the author of the bestseller book Zero Waste Home she uses her blog to promote and explore package free bulk shopping, dumpster diving, how to save water, and minimalist wardrobes.  Her motto for waste free living is refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot (and only in that order).
  3. EcoCult (Twitter @ecocult)
    EcoCult celebrates anything awesome, sustainable, eco-friendly, or hand-made when it’s done well and doesn’t focus on boring finger wagging.  Editor in Chief Alden interviewing interesting people for EcoCult.  The Apartment section of the blog looks at composting, questions to ask yourself before making a new wardrobe purchase, sustainable resolutions and more.
  4. Mindful Momma – Adventures of Living a Green & Healthy Life (Twitter @MindfulMomma)
    This blog was author Micaela’s way of making sense of confusing and sometimes scary information out there about green and healthy living she’d confronted as a parent.  Soon she found a community where she could share stories and experiences about living simply, frugally, and enjoying the pleasures of both.
  5. Treehugger (Twitter @TreeHugger)
    Treehugger wants to make sustainability sexy. This site offers a variety of news stories on environmental trends in design, transportation, technology, science, business, energy and lifestyle.  They explore a journalistic account of green living and innovation around the globe in a way that is fun to follow.
  6. The Eco Friendly Family (Twitter @EFFBlog)
    The Eco Friendly Family touches on what you’d expect: green living topics applicable to a modern family.  You can expect articles on cloth diapering, green gifting, safe cleaning products, menstrual cups and more.  My favourite section is her easy lists which cover topics like cleaner indoor air or eco conscious shopping.
  7. Ecogeek (Twitter @ecogeek)
    Ecogeek runs on the principal of finding out how our powerful brains can help save the planet.  This blog started as a graduate school assignment and morphed into an informative enviro tech focused blog.  If you’re looking for information on technology related to electric cars, plastic roads, or better solar panels, this is the place for you!
  8. Planet Green (Twitter @PlanetGreen)
    Practical tips and news on how to lead a greener life.  Articles cover things like why you shouldn’t take a selfie with a wild animal, how to treat chigger bites, ecotourism and more.
  9. The Green Grandma (Twitter @TheGreenGrandma)
    Green Grandma is a combination of common sense and small sacrifices we can all make to live greener, and help create a better future for the next generation.  The best part of this blog is the variety of posts you’ll see from green living to important information about the world around us.
  10. Groovy Green Living (Twitter @groovygreenlivi)
    This honest resource shares green ideas, thoughts and tips for living a more environmentally conscious life.  Recent topics include green products to make your life easier, safe deodorant, artificial colours in candy and more.