On the second Tuesday of each month we feature a Top 10 list of some of the best online resources for information on topics including: real-estate, moving, home repair, home decor, house-hunting, finance, budgeting and much, much more.

Each list covers blogger topics that are helpful to new or veteran home owners, and those who are considering buying a property.  This month, in honour of Victoria Day, a time when many Canadians get outside and plant their gardens, we look at blogs to help plan your garden (no matter how big or small) and celebrate greenery culture beyond your own backyard.

  1. Garden Rant (Twitter: @GardenRant )
    Educational, fun, and feisty is the best way to describe this blog.  Authored by four founding regular contributors, as well as new partners and guests, you’ll get to see different perspectives on everything from growing veggies and flowers, composting, environmental, and social issues.  There is quite a deep back catalogue, so get ready to dig in, learn ad get your hands dirty!
  2. Toronto Gardens (Twitter: @torontogardens)
    Whether you’re interested in gardening yourself or just want to check out some of the interesting ideas and green thumb related practices and features around our beautiful city this is the blog for you. Content is written and curated by two sisters who live in the city’s east end and will help you explore all that is growing and green in the six!
  3. You Grow Girl (Twitter: @yougrowgirl)
    This blog was launched over 15 years ago by Gayla Trail known for its modern, laid back approach to the love of gardening. This blog is filled with recipes, gardening ideas and interesting podcasts that will inspire you to grow, dream, and eat.
  4. Savvy Gardening (Twitter: @savvygardening)
    Savvy Gardening is where “fresh gardening voices come together to revel in the charms and fascinations of the horticultural world”. With four regular Canadian contributors you can read about topics including: high yield veggies, vertical vegetable gardens, upcycling garden container ideas and so much more!
  5. Back To My Garden (Twitter: @BackToMyGarden)
    This blog really has it all, design ideas, growing tips, and a lot of fun about the world of gardening, including interesting lists such as celebrating celebrities who love gardening as much as you do and top rated gardening literature writers.
  6. Camp and Cottage Living
    So you say you want to move out to the country one day?  Then this is the blog for you!  This site is more about country living than gardening, but has a lot of great photos of wild flowers and pretty outdoor scenery to inspire you. Get ideas on what to do with your canning jars, and how to be stylish and chic while living the country life.
  7. Empress of Dirt (Twitter: @empressofdirt)
    Empress of Dirt is about practical gardening solutions to meet all of your needs.  Want to find out more about raised gardens, best veggies to grow in clay soil, composting, or indoor gardening tips? They’ve got you covered.  Enjoy creative and frugal home and garden ideas care of author and content curator Melissa J. Will!
  8. My Little Home and Garden
    This blog is filled with a cornucopia of photos of bright flowers.  I recommend some time checking out this site with a hot cup of tea on a rainy day, the beaming colours will inspire and bring light and beauty to even the dreariest days!
  9. Ontario Wanderer (Twitter: @OntarioWanderer)
    Want to check out the beauty of natural beyond the city?  This site offers photos and ideas of what nature and nature trails have to offer in the wonderful province of Ontario.  Explore amazing photos that will make you want to put on a pair of hiking shoes, take pictures and leave footprints.
  10. Seasonal Ontario Food
    Find out what food is in season in Ontario no matter what month it is and try fantastic recipes featuring seasonal food.  Get access to gardening tips, photos, education and more.  This is the blog for anyone who has ever said, “What should I do with all of these chili peppers?” each and every harvest season.