A huge open concept place isn’t on the wish list or budget for many home seekers these days, particularly those who want to live in the heart of the city where an extra few feet comes with a hefty price tag.  While securing a home with a great layout, no matter what the size, can do wonders for the perceived space, there are a number of other ways you can make a teeny tiny space look significantly bigger, and maybe even roomy.

Here are 8 ideas to help make your small space seem epically vast (or even just a little bit bigger)

  1. Pick a light colour palette
    Lighter colours for flooring, walls, and key furniture pieces will make the space feel lofty.  A lot of dark colours will absorb light and make a room feel smaller and cozier.
  2. Hang Shelves near the Ceiling
    This serves two purposes:

    1. It will draw the eyes up
    2. It will serve as storage and reduce clutter, giving the perception of more space
  3. Get Striped
    You know how horizontal stripes on clothing will elongate your shape?  The same can be said for your room.  Get your stripes to align with the longest dimension of your room to get the best effect.
  4. Get some mirrors
    By getting some mirrors and placing them in locations for optimal light your space will look larger.  Mirrors placed across from windows will reflect light and make the room seem dramatically spacious.
  5. Make your furniture “float”
    Many people think that placing all furniture directly against a wall will make the room seem bigger, but this isn’t always the best solution.  Consider either angling your large couch or bed, or putting a shelf or narrow console behind these big furniture items.  This will allow for storage and provide that “floating” feeling.
  6. Drop the leaf
    Folding tables or tables with drop leafs can allow you for extra living space most of the time, and extra seating (and room for your famous casserole) when you’re hosting a larger crowd.
  7. Go Statement Pieces
    One or two large statement pieces, like a big sectional couch will make your space appear larger.  In contrast several tiny items could give the illusion of clutter rather than airiness.
  8. Get Multi-functional Furniture
    An ottoman that is also your coffee table, and has internal storage is the full package when it comes to saving space, extra seating and reducing clutter.

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