Real Estate agents have an important job, they help connect people to where they’re going to live, hopefully in a place that makes them happy, and that they’ll want to call home for a lengthy period of time.  While many agents employ a customer is always right attitude peppered with constructive but softer advice for their clients they can’t really provide that blunt dose of reality that many, often first time buyers, need.

Here’s a guide to read between the lines to what your agent may be trying to tell you during your hunt.

What your agent says: “This place has really good bones.”

What they really mean: “This is a good find, would you please stop looking at how it’s staged and decorated and focus on important things: like how solidly built this house is and that they just redid the roof, windows and HVAC!”

What your agent says: “I think this place is a really a stretch for you financially.”

What they really mean: “You will only be able to afford to eat store brand ramen noodles for dinner the entire time you live here.”

What your agent says: “I don’t think we need to be so aggressive with the search right now.”

What they really mean: “You need to calm down and chill out.”

What your agent says: “I don’t know if I see you in this place.  Maybe you should sleep on it.”
What they really mean: “This is not a steal, You should run away from this purchase as quickly as you can.”

What your agent says: “I wouldn’t make an offer until after you have a home inspector look at the wiring.”

What they really mean: “I’m 90 percent sure this house is filled with knob and tube wiring.”

What your agent says: “They said that this neighbourhood is going to gentrify.”

What they really mean: “Make sure you’re cool about your neighbours, but I don’t think things are going to change much around here this decade.”

What your agent says: “Wow, that’s a really ambitious must have list.”

What they really mean: “You are never going to find a place on your budget unless you’re willing to compromise.”

What your agent says: “Well everyone has a different budget and experience when looking for a place, and the market is different than it was three months ago.”

What they really mean: “Are you joking? Of course I can’t find you the exact same place as your trust fund best friend on your budget.”