The second Tuesday of each month will feature a Top 10 list of some of the best online resources for information on topics such as, real-estate, moving, home repair, home decor, house-hunting, finance, budgeting and much more.  Each list will cover blogger topics that are helpful to new or veteran homeowners, and those who are considering buying a property.

In the spirit of summer, also known as construction season in Canada, this month’s topic will be the Top 10 Blogs on home repair and renovation, because we all know that many summer vacations can become staycations as we try to tackle important projects around the home.

  1. Adventures of The Uncommon Common Law (Twitter: @TheUnCommonLaw)
    Becki and Chris are a common law couple who moved into their first home in 2011 and began their journey into the land of home repair and renovation.  They use their blog to help inspire themselves and others to complete projects in home renovation and repair.
  1. Charles and Hudson (Twitter: @Charles_Hudson)
    From how to mount your TV to a wall to roofing to purchasing the right pair of work boots to wear, this website magazine blog literally has everything your inner DIYer home repair junkie or novice needs to sink their teeth into.
  1. Ask the Builder
    This is the oldest and longest lasting first person home improvement site out there, just ask Tim Carter. Get advice from a real master builder (and we’re not talking about Lego!) Tim gives real tips and real advice based on years and years of experience.
  1. Rambling Renovators (Twitter: @ramblingreno)
    Meet Jennifer, her Handyman husband and daughter Chloe who chronicle their adventures in renovation, repair,DIY, and home décor.  Their project gallery offers many interesting ideas, tips and hacks that even a newbie builder can learn from.
  1. The Handyguys Podcast (Twitter: @Handyguys)
    While they can’t tackle your “honey do” list for you they can provide advice, tips and DIY house repair videos that are simple to follow along with.  With features on Energy saving, tools and specific house area (i.e. basement) repairs you’ll be sure to learn a lot.
  1. Homefixated (Twitter: @HomeFixated)
    Homefixated “nails” everything you’re looking for in a repair blog.  They provide great giveaways along with reviews of tools, and advice on how to build and repair yourself, from patio cushions to gazebos, they literally have you covered!
  1. MyFixItUpLife (Twitter: @MyFixItUpLife)
    Join Mark and Theresa as they over share about their projects, life, family and everything else via their blog, show and videos.  They look at everything from crafting with kids to re purposing furniture to building a wall, plus they’re super charming!
  1. This Old House (Twitter: @ThisOldHouse)
    This Old House is one of America’s best known and most trusted home improvement brands.  Take a look at what they have to offer beyond TV and Magazine, cause who doesn’t want to know how to build a window seat or a chicken coup?
  1. The Ugly Duckling House
    Meet Sarah who likes tearing apart her 1980s house and putting it back together again, all while chronicling the process on her blog.  With great ideas like how to hide your air conditioner, creating a stump planter or unsticking a sliding door we can all learn a lot alongside Sarah!
  1. DIY Network (Twitter: @DIYNetwork)
    The name really says it all, learn how to do it yourself.  While many items on the site promote their shows, there are still plenty of great tips, tricks and ideas that will help inspire you to make your own home better!