Whether you’re looking to sell today, tomorrow, or in five years, an increased property value will benefit you as a homeowner and seller.  It doesn’t take a huge budget to increase the value of your home. Below are 7 simple, cheap things you can do to make your property worth more.

1. Pull out those paint cans
A freshly painted room looks fantastic to everyone.  A gallon of paint (depending on the brand) will only set you back $30-$40 bucks, so get out your tarps and tape and get to work!
2. Plant low maintenance shrubs and easy landscaping features
This will help save you, the owner, time and increase the curb appeal of your property to potential buyers.
3. Remove the popcorn ceilings
Popcorn ceilings date a home.  As long as you aren’t dealing with asbestos you can get a solution from your local hardware store that will soften the texture, next scrape it away and freshen it up with a new coat of paint.
4. Get things really, really clean
Either do your own spring clean, or hire a cleaning crew to give you a really deep level of clean that will improve the presentation of your home when you need it to look its very best.
5. Update your fixtures
Whether it’s faucets or lights, new, modern looking fixtures will be pleasing to you and potential buyers. The best part is, this is something you can do slowly.
6. Mow your lawn
This may seem silly, but small details like a nicely cut lawn will create the best possible first impression.
7. Clear your clutter and invest in some solid storage
Having a well organized space will improve your overall efficiency and reduce stress levels.  When you are showing your place use this storage to keep appliances and knickknacks off of counters, shelves and window ledges so people viewing your place can envision their own things in the space.