Many people want a house because they envision a big backyard where they can entertain guests, particularly in the summer time, with a BBQ and some stylish deck chairs.  While an afternoon or evening in your yard with some close friends and family can be a lot of fun, there are some definite benefits to hosting a summer party when you live in a condo that you won’t find behind your white picket fence.

1. Many condos have pools
Your summer party just became a pool party and you’re now officially the favourite aunt or uncle.
2. You have a kick-butt balcony with a great view
Watch the sun set over the lake, or gaze at the stars from one of the best seats in Toronto.
3. You have access to a rooftop patio, did I mention it has a BBQ?
Many buildings have great, big spaces where you can cook and entertain, and they usually have many more tables and chairs that you do.  Just make sure you book in advance according to your building’s policy and that you and your guests are courteous to their fellow neighbour.
4. Did you say party room?
Many buildings have party rooms that owners can rent for a nominal fee.  This means you have access to a large space and can do all the prep work in your condo without worrying about leaving your dishes in your kitchen sink (cause the guests won’t see it).  You might become the “go to friend” in terms of hosting New Year’s Eve, Wedding and baby showers…Just make sure you book early.
5. Rain Delay Backup plans
Many people don’t have the space to bring everyone inside when Mother Nature has other plans for your backyard fun, but with a condo you may be able to access the Movie Theatre Room or other amenities in the even of a rain delay.
6. Did you say poker or pool party?
On the stinking hot days sometimes an afternoon hanging out in your buildings pool or poker room can cool everyone off.
7. Intimate Gatherings are great
Close friends can get more bonding out of close quarters.  Having a handful of your besties in your smaller space can be so much more fun than an epic blowout anyway.