It’s getting to be that time of year again, students are going back to school, and a number of new places are sure to hit the market as people return from their vacation filled summer days.  Moves in August to October are about as common as “Back to School” sales.  Whether you’re prepping for a move next week or next year these 11 tips will help you as you prepare for your next adventure in your new place while tidying up loose ends at your current digs.

  1. Pack an overnight bag to keep in your car to make your first night in your new place easy and comfort filled (don’t forget a sleeping mask if you haven’t managed to put up your curtains yet).
  2. Wrap breakable items (like dishware) in clean clothes, towels, and sheets to save room in boxes and money on wrapping and packing supplies.  Clean or new socks are a great way to wrap your wine glasses.
  3. Cover your opened toiletry items with saran wrap and then put the lids back on to help avoid unnecessary and damaging leaks and spills.
  4. Let your local can man return a some of your empties for you and skip on your deposit, but hold onto your beer cases to easily carry heavy items like books (the handles will make carrying your books a whole lot easier).
  5. Take photos of how your electronics are hooked up so you can easily refer to them when you’re setting up your computer and entertainment system at your new place.
  6. A spring cleaning before moving can save you tons of space, time, and cost.  Sell unwanted items on sites like eBay or Craigslist around eight to 12 weeks before your move, post free items on social media to give to friends, and donate to charity.  Offer coveted items that you won’t need to friends who will help you with your move first.
  7. If you have children (or fur babies) and are moving within the city hire a sitter to keep them entertained off-site.  This will speed up your move considerably.
  8. Label your boxes carefully, bonus points for colour-coding your items by room.
  9. If you hire a mover be sure to tip them 5 percent per person for a job well done.  If you’re relying on the kindness of friends and family be respectful of their time.  Make sure you are all packed before anyone arrives to help, and good pizza and beer is the absolute minimum payment required for their services.
  10. Organize a grocery service to deliver your food the second or third day after your move so you can focus your time on getting things set up rather than time at a store to fill your pantry.  There’s only so long you can live on donuts, coffee, and leftover pizza and beer from your moving day!
  11. Keep calm and remember it will take time to settle in, find the perfect storage solutions and new routines.  Before you know it this new place will feel like home!