The second Tuesday of each month will feature a Top 10 list of some of the best online resources for information on topics such as, real-estate, moving, home repair, home decor, house-hunting, finance, budgeting and much more.  Each list will cover blogger topics that are helpful to new or veteran homeowners, and those who are considering buying a property.

In the spirit of November, which is Financial Literacy month, we’re featuring 10 great sites that promote (you’ve got it) Financial Literacy.

  1. Practical Money Skills (Twitter: @MoneySkillsCA)

Their mission is pretty clear: to provide a free financial literacy program to help Canadians understand the fundamentals of money management.  Get access to lesson plans for your children, for teachers to share with students, or how to plan for educational expenses.

  1. Investopedia (Twitter: @Investopedia)

It’s like Wikipedia, but for everything related to finance.  Use this resource to look up terms and concepts you don’t understand to get a better grasp on all the terminology and acronyms.

  1. Financial Literary Database

This Government of Canada resource can provide easy access to more information about banking, budgeting, fraud, insurance, mortgages, loans, pensions, retirement planning, investing, and more.

  1. The Coffee House Investor (Twitter: @CHInvestor)

The basis of this site is to help people build wealth, learn and ignore Wall Street.  This is an American site, but still has a “wealth” of information Canadians can use on retirement saving, setting realistic expectations, and more.

  1. CPA Canada (Twitter: @CPACanada)

The Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada have a variety of resources available to help address the lack of financial literacy in the country. Browse their site for info you need, and follow their financial literacy blog to get a regular update on things that will matter in your life, like protecting your kids from financial scams.

  1. Prosper Canada (Twitter: @prospercan)

This not for profit was founded in 1986, and works as a national charity to help expand economic opportunity for those in need.  Their publication section has some great information including how to boost your income benefits when filing your taxes, and financial literacy and youth.

  1. Money Coaches Canada Blog (Twitter: @MoneyCoachCA)

This site focuses on women and money, including looking at financial challenges women face that men might not to the same degree.  This is about smart finance and education primarily geared towards women.

  1. Advocis Forum Magazine (Twitter: @Advocis)

This is the magazine for The Financial Advisors Association of Canada.  They have some great content available for public consumption, so you don’t need to be a member to get access to it.  While some pieces are geared at Advisors other info, like articles on networking, converting RRSPs and the value in your home can be applied to anyone.

  1.  Gail Vaz-Oxlade (Twitter: @GailVazOxlade)

Most Canadian’s know who Gail is because of her hit show Til Debt to Us Part where she offers blunt and common sense filled advice on getting on the right financial path.  Her blog is no different.

  1. Give me back my five bucks

Nearly 10 years ago Krystal Yee was 20K in consumer and student debt.  She started her blog to track her repayment (in just 12 months).  Today she writes about saving to buy a home (she managed to buy one in Vancouver), travel, and personal finance. She has a fun mix of travel and finance topics to keep everyone entertained.