When a person puts their home up for sale, it’s their real estate agent’s job to sell the place. These agents often make recommendations to make sure that prospective buyers can envision themselves in this home.  Some of these tips can be quick fixes the day of a showing, whereas others require more time, planning and cash. Many people swear that by following a number of dos and don’t for showing a home they were able to secure better, bigger offers.  Here are 20 dos and don’ts to consider if you’re showing your house, or to keep in mind to see if your mind is being swayed when viewing a potential property.

Do. Turn on all of your lights to make the place look bright and cheerful.
Don’t. Stick around while people are viewing.  It’s awkward for you and potential buyers.

Do. Turn on some light music, like classical before you head out the door.
Don’t. Leave on the TV, it’s distracting.

Do. Open all blinds and curtains to reveal clean windows and bright sun.
Don’t. Leave Fido or any other pets at the house.  People who don’t like pets or are allergic to them won’t appreciate their company.

Do. Set the temperature so it’s just right.  On a hot day get the air conditioning running, on a cold one help any potential buyers feel cozy.
Don’t. Go overboard on scented candles and room deodorizers.  Some people are allergic and others may believe you are trying to hide unpleasant odors (like in a damp basement).

Do. Make sure your lawn is cut and well maintained, same goes for any house plants.
Don’t. Leave any beds unmade

Do. Keep all counters clear and clean.
Don’t. Let dust, dirt and grime prevent a sale.

Do. Have clean and neatly folded towels in the bathroom.
Don’t. Insult potential buyers by leaving a note about removing shoes.

Do. Keep all garbages empty.
Don’t. Cook anything really smelly around the time you’re showing your house (smells like bacon and fish can linger).

Do. Have a binder with before and after photos of any renovations you have done.
Don’t. Run the dishwasher, washer, dryer, Roomba or any other appliances while the house is being shown.

Do. Leave out cookies, mints or candies for your guests.
Don’t. Park too many cars in the driveway.  If you have a garage use it!

Stay tuned next week for showing tricks that may be hiding potential issues in a house that you need to be aware of!