Not all of us have the space for an epic Christmas tree in our living room.  Heck, some of us barely have room for mini tree on a coffee table.  The good news is you don’t need thousands of square feet to get your home looking merry and bright.  Here are 20 space saving holiday decor tips that will add a splash of festive, even if your place is literally the size of a shoebox.  So get creative and get festive!

  1. Put ornaments or mini wreaths on the back of chairs to add a bit of greenery and flourish, taking up virtually zero additional space.
  2. Make some origami ornaments or even a paper tree (for a tutorial on how click here)
  3. Add small festive decorations or ornaments to your bookshelves.
  4. Create a fake mantel by using a single shelf to hang stockings and some garland.
  5. Buy some holiday scented candles (or even better get baking and mulling some wine!)
  6. Decorate a door (or two).  Add wreaths, paper snowflakes, ornaments and more!
  7. Make the outline of a tree on your wall by using holiday lights (don’t forget the star on top).
  8. Add some light ornaments or lights to your favourite house plant.
  9. Hang those holiday cards in the shape of a tree (or put a string along a wall to hang them).
  10. Use a cork board to hang all of your ornaments like a picture.  Get creative hang them like a star, a tree, or snowman!
  11. Create a festive archway by hanging garland around a key door frame (and don’t forget the mistletoe)
  12. Hang lights around a hallway mirror.
  13. Get some outdoor decorating and light your balcony up.  Bonus points for window decals.
  14. Swap usual hung photos with ones filled with holiday memories.
  15. Hang a large and beautiful advent calendar to celebrate each day of December.
  16. Place bright coloured ornaments in a clear vase for that perfect centrepiece.
  17. Hang ornaments from the dining room, kitchen or living room lights.
  18. Buy festive magnets and decorate your fridge.
  19. Make (or buy) a beautiful gingerbread house as a statement holiday piece.
  20. Make a mini rosemary wreath (find out how here).