People who are set on a mission of finding their very first place, or even a new home, can get sucked up into the process.  So much of their free time is filled with open houses, neighbourhood tours, and obsessively cruising on  This can sometimes dominate conversations with their thoughts on mortgage rates, knob and tube wiring, and all of those scheduled condo builds in that quickly gentrifying neighbourhood.  Whether this home hunting person is you or a close friend or relative odds are neither of you have had time to put together a holiday gift list yet.  Here are 10 amazing gift ideas to add to your own wish list or give to that friend who has home ownership goals for 2017!

  1. Gift Certificate for restaurants in their goal neighbourhood
    Odds are every single nickel, cause we don’t have pennies anymore, is going towards a bigger down payment right now.  Gift a chance for saver Sally to treat themselves to a night out without worrying how it’s going to impact whether or not they’ll be exempt from CMHC insurance.
  1. Day Planner
    Some people still prefer paper planners to virtual ones.  This goal journal planner will help them keep track of all of those open houses, meetings with lawyers, and more.
  1. Trusted Advice from an expert
    Most Canadians know who Mike Holmes is because he’s every homeowner’s dream house inspector and contractor.  The Holmes Manual provides practical solutions from Mike Holmes himself on common issues a new or veteran home owner might face.
  1. Gift money
    Sure, it may seem impersonal, but if they have #HomeOwnershipGoals every penny towards this investment will mean the world to them (although it’s probably inappropriate to ask anyone but mom and dad for cash if this is for your own wish list)
  1. A grown up piggy bank
    Help them keep track of all of those coins saved with a bank that will do the calculations for them!
  1. Gift cards for a massage or spa treatments
    Odds are in this market anyone house hunting is pretty stressed out, help them unwind with the gift of pampering.
  1. A Vision Board
    Help that spiritual dreamer bring their visualization into reality with a vision board kit.
  1. Consumables
    Odds are they won’t want extra items to pack up when they finally purchase their place.  Purchase them a bottle of wine (perhaps sometime sparkling with a note about celebrating in 2017!) or their favourite spirits, chocolates, or other treats.
  1. Gift cards for home stores
    They may not use them right away, but a gift card to Canadian Tire, Home Depot, or even IKEA will be appreciated, and likely used when money is the tightest!
  1. Flowers
    Beautiful, classic, and temporary so they won’t need to be stored.  Perfect gift for the host with the most!

Happy shopping, happy saving, and happy holidays!