The second Tuesday of each month will feature a Top 10 list of some of the best online resources for information on topics such as, real-estate, moving, home repair, home decor, house-hunting, finance, budgeting and much more.  Each list will cover blogger topics that are helpful to new or veteran homeowners, and those who are considering buying a property.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we have found 10 sites that offer the best in unique, affordable and fantastic gift options.  These can be used as host gifts, as a housewarming present, or as a fantastic fit for that stylish friend who’s constantly upgrading their home.  Here are 10 great sites that feature housewares that you still have time to shop at online.  The best part, delivery to your (or their) door, and most of our favourite picks are under $30, you’re welcome!

  1. For the young, trendy & quirky homeowner – Urban Outfitters Apartment Ware
    You know that person. Their outfits look flawlessly put together, and they’ve managed to stylishly furnish their loft with mostly vintage and flea market finds and still make it look great.  Don’t get intimidated.  Urban Outfitters has some great gifting options for them.  Our favourite gift selections include: donut tree ornaments, sushi throw cushions, or a cute pineapple shot glass set.
  1. For the entertainer – Kitchen Stuff Plus
    They love company and can mix a cocktail like no one else.  A gift that will support and help them do what they love most, hosting great events will surely please.  Our favourite gift selections include: an artisanal cheese board with knives, a whiskey decanter with glasses, or a lovely lily inspired art deco table cloth.
  1. For the chef – Williams Sonoma
    They’ve probably taken a culinary course or two.  Their shelves are filled with cookbooks, and they can make a gourmet meal out of just about anything.  Our favourite gift selections include: the open kitchen citrus set, open kitchen meat tenderizer, or the open kitchen sharpened julienne peeler.
  1. For the homebody – Bath and Body Works
    Their home is a fortress of solitude, it’s where they go to retreat from a stressful week at work, curl up with a great book, or binge watch The Crown on Netflix.  Our favourite gift selections include: the red velvet cupcake three wick candle, eucalyptus mint aromatherapy set, or a decorative warmer with yummy smelling scents!
  1. For the traditionally stylish – Pottery Barn
    Maybe they dress like they’re on the cover of a J. Crew Catalogue, and their house has the traditional comfort of a cottage, but with a splash more style.  They thrive on classic, crisp and clean comfort!  Our favourite gift selections include: the partridge in a pear tree holiday card holder, a classic reindeer wreath hanger, or a cozy plaid throw blanket.
  1. For the person who’s always busy – Subscription services
    These gifts are perfect of the person who’s always on the go. They crave a home cooked meal, but never have much time to shop, prepare it, or both.  Consider gifting some meal subscription services: Good Food, Supperworks, or Blue Apron.
  1. For the person who loves to BBQ – Amazon
    This friend loves to get their grill on.  Help them enhance their BBQ game with these fantastic picks care of Amazon!  Our favourite choices include: a cedar scraper, LED grill mount for late night eats, or Spiceologist Smokey Honey Habanero rub.
  1. For the nerd in your life – Think Geek
    Fanboys and Fangirls everywhere will love these quirky fun gifts to help bring out their own personal preferences around their home.  Our favourite gift selections include: Star Wars BB8 Kitchen Timer, Stay Puft Marshmallow Mugs, or Zelda Pint Glasses.
  1. For the bookworm – Chapters-Indigo
    They love to read, and these book inspired gift ideas will help them enjoy the love of the written word as a part of their new home.  Our favourite choices include: Read the North Tote Bag (for groceries), Home is where our story begins pillow, or Kidkraft Espresso Sling Bookshelf.
  1. Canadian Gifts – Drake General Store
    Help this person on your gift list celebrate their national pride with some Canadian gifts from The Drake General store.  Our favourite choices include: The Streetcar ornament, The Mountie gift bundle, or a Canadian lumber pillow.