We could all do with saving a few bucks.  Too often we assume that certain costs are fixed ones when with a little effort, research, and patience you could be saving hundreds of dollars each year.  Have you ever tried to cancel a service only to have them offer you a much better deal and then you end up keeping said service? By renegotiating or researching better deals on a regular basis you can free up extra money to add to that vacation fund, renovation project, or monthly dinner out!  Here are 6 things you can and should renegotiate to save money on.  Consider reviewing these items and checking in each year to save more; the worst that will happen is that they’ll say no and you lose absolutely nothing by trying.

  1. Cable TV and or Satellite

With increased competition from services like Netflix cable companies are doing more and more to try and keep their customers from cancelling subscriptions.  Check out deals from your local providers online and then see if they can match or bundle with other services (like phone and Internet) to save even more.

  1. Internet

Again, often this is bundled with other services, which is even better because it means less calls for renegotiation.  Look into your usage allowance, how close you come to reaching it each month and then connect with them about getting some of their great introductory offers, but for loyal customers.

  1. Credit Card Interest Rates

Anyone who ever watched the hit show Til Debt Do Us Part knows that you can call your credit card company and talk to them about reduction of interest rates.  If that’s a no go, consider applying for a separate lower interest line of credit and paying off your bills with that, then repaying at a usually much lower interest rate.  This could save hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on your debt load.

  1. Car and Home Insurance Rates

This is another area where you can get bundles for a greater discount.  There are various sites like Lowest RatesInsurance Hotline or The IBAC where you can get pricing on your insurance to “ensure” the best possible bang for your buck.  Other ways to save money include looking at school alumni associations, professional membership and workplace memberships that can offer a variety of savings to reduce the costs of your insurance.

  1. Home Service Professionals

Need a renovation, plumber or other services for your home?  Get a variety of bids and then bring the lowest to the provider you like best to see if they can offer something close to that price.  This can go a long way to save big.

  1. Gym Memberships

Ask if they have any new deals they can offer you, and maybe skip the renewal fee, even better see if they can throw any bonuses like a locker or a personal training session or two to sweeten the deal for a regular returning customer.