So you’ve made your first appointment to meet with a mortgage broker and want to make sure it’s a productive meeting!  Coming to any meeting prepared is the best way to get the most out of your time with an expert.  While most mortgage brokers should let you know what paperwork you’ll need to bring with you, sometimes it’s nice to have a checklist to ensure that you aren’t running around in search of paperwork moments before you need to head out.  This way more of your time can be focused towards writing down some great questions you want answered as a part of the meeting.

Here’s a handy list of everything you should need for your appointment with a mortgage broker:

If You Are Salary Employed Bring:

  • 2 copies of your last pay stubs
  • A letter confirming your employment
  • Most recent 2 years T4 slips
  • Most recent 2 years Notice of Assessment

If you are Self-Employed, Take on Contract or Part-Time Work Bring:

  • Most recent 2 years Personal Tax Returns (complete T1 Generals)
  • Most recent 2 years Notice of Assessment
  • Most recent 2 years Business Financial Statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, etc.)
  • Corporate Financial Documents such as Business License, Articles of Incorporation and/or Business HST Registration & Returns

Credit Score Information:

  • Any applicable information about your credit (i.e. your credit score or credit report, any information surrounding bankruptcy, and a listing of any financial obligations you have)

If You Are A First Time Buyer Bring:

  • ca Listings of potential properties (and price ranges) of what you’ll be looking to bid on
  • Your Accepted Agreement of Purchase and Sale (if applicable)

If You Already Own A Property And/Or are Refinancing Bring:

  • Your most recent Property Tax Bill showing y annual tax amount
  • Most recent value assessment of your property
  • Your most recent Mortgage Statement(s)
  • Any information on Home Equity Line of Credit Loans (AKA HELOC)

Down payment/ Equity Information

  • Any information you have on the money you will be putting down on the property you hope to invest in (most recent 90 day investment or banking statements, RRSPs etc.)

Budget Information

  • How much you want to spend on your housing each month (if you have figured this out)

Important Questions

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but wait your turn, many of your questions may be answered by your broker as they go through your immaculately organized paper work. Good Luck!