The second Tuesday of each month will feature a Top 10 list of some of the best online resources for information on topics such as, real-estate, moving, home repair, home decor, house-hunting, finance, budgeting and much more.  Each list will cover blogger topics that are helpful to new or veteran home owners, and those who are considering buying a property.

The months, weeks and days leading up to a move can be stressful.  What do you pack, what do you donate, and how soon do you get started?  These moving checklists will allow you to purge old items, get organized, and free up more time to focus on the fun stuff, like picking out paint chips, and getting settled in and creating your new home sweet home.

  1. Real Simple (Twitter @RealSimple)
    This list provides a six week guide to get you organized as that closing date approaches.
  1. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (Twitter: @CMHC_ca)
    Anyone who’s on a tighter timeline to get their boxes packed can get ready in a hurry with this three week timeline courtesy of CMHC.
  1. Two Men and a Truck (Twitter: @TwoMenCanada)
    Who better to prepare you for a big move than movers! Two Men and a Truck have a one month plan to help you move and important tips for things like moving in winter weather conditions.
  1. Martha Stewart (Twitter: @MS_Living)
    Martha is the queen of all things home and entertaining, so it only makes sense that she’d have not just one, but 10 moving checklists including timelines, packing lists and more.
  1. Good Housekeeping (Twitter: @goodhousemag)
    Eight weeks is a very typical closing timeline on a place, so this practical list can help you get all your ducks in a row before moving day!
  1. Moving
    Moving to a new city or town on a tight deadline? This is a great list to help you check off the little things you’d likely forget in your rush!
  1. Ask Anna (Twitter: @askannamoseley)
    Anna has tons of advice on cleaning, organization and décor. She has just as much advice to offer for those who are about to move!
  1. Unpakt
    Whether you have three weeks or three days, this list will help you move hassle free.
  1. Cargo Cabbie (Twitter: @CargoCabbie)
    Cargo Cabbie boasts that this is the only moving checklist you’ll ever need, but take note this is for anyone who’s prepared to get started two months before moving day!
  1. Hire a Helper (Twitter: @hireahelper)
    This is another list for those who are freaking out because they left things to the last minute, again. It’s even called the Slacker’s Last Minute Moving Checklist. Get some practical tips for getting yourself organized, cleaned up, and out the door, even if you started at the eleventh hour, literally!